A few words from our clients. We will also share our extensive list references for you to contact upon request.

  • "NAMIBIA! I had dreamed for many years of travelling to, exploring and seeing this desert country and its wildlife. After significant research and due diligence I found myself discussing a safari with Schalk Pienaar who owns and operates Schalk Pienaar Safaris. Schalk offers specialized safaris with a personal touch where clients become friends and trophy quality is never sacrificed. This beautiful desert country is home to the likes of Red Hartebeest, Gemsbok, Damaraland Dik Dik and Mountain Zebra. Plus several other species Schalk has availability to hunt such as Sable, Black Wildebeest, Greater Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Impala and many more. I had dreamed for years of pursuing Sable, Mountain Zebra, Klipspringer and a variety of other species.

    Schalk assured me he would make my dreams come true as well as those of the other members of our hunting party. My dreams became a reality after hunting with Schalk on several properties he owns or has access too. I took the pinnacle of all plains game species, a 43 ¼” Sable. The hunt was awe inspiring and emotional to be able to pursue such a magnificent species.

    Being able to hunt the Khomas Hochland Mountains and taking two Mountain Zebra and a Klipspringer as well as seeing several other species is an experience I will never forget and always cherish. I also took several other excellent trophies and passed up many more as quality and quantity are both plentiful.

    Normally, I do not pursue birds when on safari but spending a morning pursuing Sand Grouse was not only fun with lots of shooting and laughing but something I would highly recommend. The camp was exceptional and all of our needs were met or exceeded and the Wifi service, which is important to communicate with family and work, was excellent.

    I cannot thank Schalk and Amore Pienaar enough for the excellent safari me and my friends had. Dreams can come true when hunting with Schalk Pienaar Safaris…"
    Justin Lewis, United States
  • “Hardest hunting professional hunter I have ever been with. Honest operation and so was everybody associated the hunt.”
    Bill, United States
  • “The best of the best. As a outfitter and guide for over 29 years. Schalk is first class. He has woodsmanship and knowledge of the animals. I have known many guides that are not hunters. He is a hunter which makes a great guide. He works hard for shot opportunities. I really had nothing I did not like. He is just a hard working guy that goes the extra mile.”
    Darren, United States
  • Amazing experience with Schalk Pienaar for a first time African Hunter. Let me start that I had zero interest in an African hunt up to a year ago. I enjoy deer, turkey, and bird hunting in the US. In my mind, African hunts were photo safaris with a gun. I was skeptical of the claims that it helped the continent and looked down on people who enjoyed such pursuits. I now know I was 100% wrong and I will apologize in advance for my long story. I now believe that “The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to.” My african awakening began with an offer of a lifetime. I chair the Georgia Natural Resources foundation which is a 501c3 who supports the Georgia DNR. The foundation’s large event occurs annually on the Georgia Coast. We raise over $1 Million each year that go to help support the amazing work of the department. The highlight of the event is a live auction with the inevitable rich man showdown. Long story short, one of my clients fell into all the traps of the auction environment and bought about half the trips, etc. Fast forward a few months and I get a call from the client “I won this auction to hunt in Africa, I can’t go…do you want it?” Typically, I would politely decline because I have a young family. However, call it divine intervention, I answered sure why not? Overall, Schalk and Zana were everything a professional hunter should be and more. I can’t thank them enough for introducing me to the ways of great stalk and kill hunters. Their ethos of fair chase and ethical hunting should be emulated around the world.
    Edens Davies, Atlanta, GA
  • “I hunt all over the world. Schalk is the BEST guide or professional hunter I have ever hunted with”
    Rick, United States
  • "Reality matched expectations! Schalk is a good hunter who worked hard, delivered on all that was represented pre-hunt, and was a pleasure to spend time with both while hunting, as well as around the evening campfire. I took my son on this hunt and it was primarily about him. We asked for a somewhat customized experience with a remote bush camp to start with, then a lodge hunt. Both were outstanding in their own way and Schalk worked to make it all an amazing experience for my son."
    Hampton, United States
  • “My hunt was tailored to my interest which was to do a challenging walk and stalk hunt...it was fantastic”
    John, United States
  • I have talked and dreamed of hunting Africa for years, but always put it off and procrastinated thinking that it was out of reach. Then 2016 hit and we had a booming year for business and decided it was time to start the planning and turn it into a reality. Since my trip, I have learned the Africa addiction is real and is something that motivates me every day to make a return trip happen sooner than later. We had a great trip, but I will definitely stay for a longer period of time on my next excursion.
    Devin Berwick, San Antonio, TX
  • “Schalk is a tremendous professional hunter and his effort was most impressive. I had a wonderful leopard hunt and the accommodations were first rate.”
    Greg, United States
  • “Schalk has great hunting ethics and offers an excellent hunting experience.”
    Maxi, United States