Klipspringer have a restricted habitat preference, preferring very rocky environments of mountainous areas and koppies.

Typically nocturnal, the klipspringer rests during the middle of the day and late at night. A gregarious animal, the klipspringer is monogamous to a much greater extent than other antelopes Individuals of opposite sexes exhibit long-term to lifelong pair bonding. The mates tend to stay as close as within 5 metres (16 ft) of each other at most times. Males form territoties in which they stay with their partners and offspring. 

Primarily a browser, the klipspringer prefers young plants, fruits and flowers. 

Hunting The Klipspringer

...A Few Things To Know

Klipspringer weigh 11-13kg (24-28 pounds) and stand 500-600mm (19-23 inches) high at the shoulders. Klipspringer is a small and stocky antelope. Ewes are slightly larger than the rams. Only rams have short horns, which are ringed only at the base. Klipspringer have smaller rounded ears positioned far back on the head, and with noticeable dark inner markings. Their course-haired coat is variable in colour with shades of grey, yellow, brown or red, with marked white underparts, chin and lips. A prominent feature on the Klipspringer is the large, black pre-orbital gland. 

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