Probably the most abundant small antelope occurring in Southern Africa.

Steenbuck inhabit open savannah country where they are reliant on adequate cover in the form of taller grass and clumps of bushes. Steenbuck are rarely seen in forests, mountains, dense woodlands and rocky areas. At times they will take refuge in ant-bear holes, and use these to bear their young. 


This fleet footed antelope is exclusively a browser, and shows a preference for forbs. Steenbuck are generally highly selective for green material such as young leaves, flowers, fruits and shoot tips of various plants. Their ability to exist independently of free water is directly related to their selective browsing habits. 

Hunting The Steenbuck

...A Few Things To Know

Steenbuck have a rufous brown to fawn coat with long, broad ears. Mature steenbuck  will measure about 520 mm (20 inches) at the shoulders and weigh only 11kg (24 pounds). Hind quarters and underparts are pure white. Only the rams have upright, slender horns projecting above the eyes. 

Conspicuous black, facial glands are situated in front of the large, dark brown eyes. These pre-orbital glands are noticeable in both sexes of the steenbuck. 

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