Often travelling in large herds, and known to be aggressive when confronted, Cape buffalo are commonly the #1 species on a big game hunters wish list.

While he seems docile enough when viewed undisturbed in the herd, when agitated or wounded this bovine can be extremely aggressive, vindictive, and cunning. Found all over southern Africa in herds of various sizes, the largest males approach 2,000 pounds and 6 feet at the shoulder and take nearly 10 years of growing to reach full size.. He is primarily a grazer but an occasional browser who must drink every day. They favor the thick bushveld during the day, leisurely moving and grazing as they go. At night they tend to herd up to protect the young from their archenemy, the lion. Both males and females have horns, but the males horns grow larger and can measure close to 4 feet across. Males also develop a thicker neck, a larger hump over the shoulders, and a fringe of long hairs around the throat that looks a bit like a beard, but is called a "dewlap".

Hunting The Cape Buffalo

...A Few Things To Know

Cape buffalo, also known as "Black Death", are large, tough animals who can keep going after multiple hits from large caliber rifles. With a well-placed shot, a rifle of .375 caliber is adequate for the Cape buffalo. However, a shot from the various 40 calibers provides a much more immediate and noticeable effect.

With the advent of quality soft-point bullets, many hunters prefer to make their first shot on the buffalo with a soft point to prevent over-penetration and the chance of wounding other members of the herd. Follow-up shots are most often made with solids to take advantage of their superior penetration. Even with a well-placed first shot, once the Cape buffalo is wounded and its adrenaline is flowing, he can be extremely hard to bring down.

When it comes to shot placement and your selection of rifles and bullets, always trust the judgment of your outfitter.

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