Hartmann's Mountain Zebra is one of the greatest free range hunts in all of Africa!

Hunting this mountain species requires some real climbing to get one, with shots being long and at challenging angles.

Hartmann’s Zebra is a near endemic to Namibia with a secure and stable population of approximately 24 000 animals in the country. These adult mountain zebras have a head and body length of 210 to 260 cm, and a tail length of 40 to 55 cm. Shoulder height ranges from 116 to 150 cm. Adult Hartmann's mountain zebras are slightly larger, with mares averaging 276 kg. Stallions 7 years and older have a mean weight of 343 kg. The most distinguishing characteristic is the presence of a dewlap, or fold of skin, hanging from the throat.

The Hartmann's Mountain Zebra’s legs are striped all the way to their hoofs and they have pronounced dewlaps and white bellies. They are gregarious animals and form family groups of between four to thirteen individuals. Only one breeding stallion is tolerated per group.

Hunting Hartmann's Mountain Zebra

...A Few Things To Know

Beautifully patterned, this very decorative trophy is distinguished from the more common Burchell’s or plains zebra by a characteristic dewlap. On both hind legs the narrow black stripes of the body swerve into a broad horizontal striping. While with the Burchell’s zebra the black stripes meet underneath the belly, the Hartmann’s zebra has a plain white belly. The Burchell’s zebra has stripes to the knees only, while the Hartmann’s zebra has distinctly striped legs down to the hooves.

The animals stay on rocky slopes in small family units of five to eight animals during the day. Late in the afternoon they usually start to move downhill to drink and feed in the valleys during the night. Mountain Zebra country is characterized by deeply trodden game paths and well-used dust bowls.

Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra hunting is sporting and adventurous. In most cases the most laborious part of the hunt is bringing down the meat from the mountain.

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