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Founded by Schalk Pienaar, a premiere outfitter, our team has grown to provide you with once-in-a-lifetime hunting experiences in Namibia and beyond.

A Word From Your Outfitter

Schalk Pienaar

Fellow Outdoorsman,

I invite you to come share my country Namibia, its wildlife, culture, wide open spaces and the opportunities to hunt and conserve some of the most magnificent game species and wilderness areas with me.

Namibia is situated in the South Western part of Africa and I am proud to be part of a nation that values our natural resources exceptionally high. Namibia probably has one of the most successful conservation stories in all of Africa and that is why I can offer you a hunting safari experience of the highest quality. I take pride by hunting in a classical and ethical fashion with conservation always on my mind.

I offer Plains Game hunting as well as some of Namibia’s very best bird hunting safaris on the Western edge of the Kalahari desert and very exciting dangerous game hunts in the Zambezi region of Namibia.

The Kalahari is a magical place! One would think of it as a desert, but once you start exploring you will be stunned by the amount of game and variety of species that this unique ecosystem is home to. Contrary to the rest of Namibia the Zambezi region (formerly known as the Caprivi strip) has a sub tropical climate and offers fantastic and very exciting dangerous game hunting.

Sight in your rifle, bring your camera, and come hunt and enjoy my Namibia. We look forward to guiding you!

P.S. Bring your family!

Schalk Pienaar

Schalk Pienaar Safaris Namibia ~ Neuhof Hunting Lodge
  • "Sometimes you meet people that really mean something to you - these guys made my trip to Namibia possible and unforgettable! If you consider going on African safaris, I know just the right people!
    Gustav Duckert

Schalk Pienaar

...owner, outfitter & professional hunter

Born and raised in Namibia on his family’s 31,000-acre cattle & Arabian horse ranch, Schalk at any early age developed a deep love for Namibia’s untamed beauty and its wildlife. A lifelong hunter, from the beginning in believed firmly in cultivating and protecting that wildlife through a balanced approach of fair chase hunting and conservation.

In 2006, he achieved the dream of becoming a freelance professional hunter, working for some of the largest outfitters in the country….hunting an average of over 200 days per year! He has guided trophy hunters from all over the world to the furthest reaches of Namibia, acquiring an encyclopedic knowledge of the country’s topography and best hunting spots for any game.

Since founding Schalk Pienaar Safaris Namibia at the family ranch in 2015, he has transformed that knowledge into a bespoke safari outfit, offering selective hunts to just 20 clients a year. Quality over quantity…his commitment is to ensure a truly memorable experience.

Amoré Pienaar

...client experience coordinator

The beauty of this country lingers and leaves a strong impression on all who visit. This constant proved itself yet again, when Amoré…a successful lawyer and a hard-core city girl began visiting her family farm on the weekends. She met Schalk Pienaar, and fell in love…not only with him, but also his passion for nature, respect for wildlife and dedication to protecting it all.

For a city girl, it was a life changing moment…eyes opening to the deep connection between nature and the world we live in . In March of 2017, Amoré and Schalk were joined in marriage…leaving the city being and now joining us on the farm as your Client Experience Coordinator. She brings her attention to detail to the team, ensuring your safari in Namibia will be epic as it will be rewarding.

Tholo Safaris Team

...our partners in Botswana

For clients who select our Namibia/Botswana 11 day combo package, you'll meet the team at Tholo Safaris in Botswana. Founded in 1992 by Clive and Linda Eaton, this family owned Safari Company has a close relationship with the local San Bushmen community, a passion for the conservation of wildlife and ethical sustainable hunting. We pride ourselves on offering our clients excellent service and building strong friendships with all our guests. Tholo Camp is located in the Kalahari about 280km south west of Maun which is considered the gateway to the Okavango Delta. The closest town is Ghanzi which is about 42km from the Tholo Safaris Camp.