Due to its re-introduction onto game farms and nature reserves, the Red Hartebeest has a wide and healthy distribution today.

In some areas, they can be incredibly weary and very alert when being hunted. When judging the trophy quality of Hartebeest, it’s important to look at the size of the horn base and the space/gap between the basis. Often the horn base will be grown closed making skinning very difficult.

Adult bulls weigh 150 kg and measure 1.3 m at the shoulders, while cows only weigh 120 kg. Mature bulls will stand out in the herd with their shoulder height being much higher than that of the cows and young bulls, at times turning a darker richer colour with age. Look for a heavy horn base with very little or no gap between the horns, a good rise into a heart shape before bending straight back or slightly upwards with decent tips.

Hunting The Red Hartebeest

...A Few Things To Know

They can be notoriously difficult to hunt, jumping off and bolting if they notice you. They are the second fastest Antelope in Africa, after the Tsessebe, and love to jump-gallop. They mostly move uphill, stop and look back for a second, and carry on... this is your moment. Bulls are often alone or in small groups, these are sometimes easy to approach, so its a matter of luck.

They have an excellent sense of smell and hearing. Once in its stride, a hartebeest can achieve a speed of 65km/hr, zigzagging left and right in its characteristic bouncing flight, which make it more difficult for predators to catch them. Like the blue wildebeest, it has an uncanny sense of direction and will find water and fresh grazing after rain has fallen a considerable distance away.

BOWHUNTING REQUIREMENTS: Bow Kinetic Energy 65 ft/lbs, Arrow Weight 450 grain.

FIREARMS INFO: Smallest caliber 7mm Minimum energy (Eo-muzzle velocity): 2700 Joule.

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