The cape eland (Taurotragus oryx) is one of the world’s biggest spiral horned antelopes. A full-grown eland bull can weigh around 2000lbs and measure almost 6ft in shoulder height.

The cow, which is usually much smaller, weighs around 1100lbs and measures around 4,8 feet. Their size makes the eland the slowest antelope, with a max speed of 40 mph; despite their “lack” of speed they can actually jump 9ft. The Cape Eland antelope belongs to the four species that have spiral horns, these include the Bushbuck, Kudu and Nyala. All of these antelope species are found in Namibia.

Hunting The Cape Eland

...A Few Things To Know

The Eland prefers to live in areas that are semi dry like the grasslands and woodlands. Even though they are browsing animals they will often eat newly sprouted grass right after the onset of a rainy season. The Eland has adapted well to the semi dry areas and therefore gets most of its water from its food supply. However, when a drinking hole is available they will surely drink from it.

Older mature Cape Eland males can weigh up to one ton and can be very difficult to bring down. Young bulls are lighter in color with longer thinner horns than older bulls with their distinctive dewlap, fringe and brimmed down horns. When judging the trophy quality of Eland, it's important to look at the size of the ridge on the horns, the color of the dewlap and skin leading up to the head from the shoulders. Mature bulls will display a black/darkened fringe on the forehead, with the emphasis not always being the length of the horn but the age of the animal.

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